Just because I have one eye, no one wished me a happy birthday


On my birthday this year, I experienced something unexpected and quite disheartening. Despite being excited and hopeful for warm wishes from friends and loved ones, the day passed by without a single birthday greeting. At first, I couldn’t comprehend why. Was it something I said or did? But as I reflected on the day’s events, it dawned on me – it was because I have one eye.

Living with a physical disability like mine comes with its own set of challenges, but I’ve never let it define me or dampen my spirits. Yet, on this particular day, it seemed to overshadow everything else. It made me wonder – do people see me for who I am, beyond my physical appearance?

As the hours ticked by, I couldn’t shake off the feeling of loneliness and isolation. It’s not that I needed extravagant gifts or grand gestures; all I wanted was a simple acknowledgment of my existence, a heartfelt “Happy Birthday” to remind me that I matter.

But amidst the silence, I found solace in the company of my thoughts. I reminded myself of the countless blessings in my life – the unwavering support of my family, the genuine friendships I’ve cultivated over the years, and the inner strength that has carried me through life’s ups and downs.

I realized that my worth isn’t determined by the number of birthday wishes I receive or the physical traits I possess. It’s about the kindness I show to others, the love I give freely, and the resilience that allows me to overcome obstacles with grace.

So, to those who may have overlooked my birthday this year, I bear no ill will. Instead, I extend my gratitude for the lessons learned – to appreciate the small moments of joy, to cherish the love that surrounds me, and to celebrate my existence, unapologetically and wholeheartedly, even if I have just one eye.

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